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Legal247recovery Incorporation is an Asset Management Consultancy and Finance recovery company offering services in the fintech industry, cyber security, and private investigation, with PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, and many other EXPERTS on board 24/7.

We provide a wide range of Services suited for you, your family or business entity, which includes crypto tracking & recovery, bank transfer reversal, cheating partner monitoring, romance scam refund, social media penetration, email password retrieval, database record clearing and more.


Task Procedure

Our Working Process

Provision of necessary information for the project. Afterwards, claims verification is done.

Run account penetration testing and data collection from cache via mirrored remote access with advanced tools.

After vulnerability test, we start the bruteforce silent penetration and exploiting loopholes using advanced tools.

Once done with the project. Either social engineering or money recovery services, we deliver to client every access.

We help you with

The first step to recovery is locating recoverable assets. Our experienced team will assist with thr process.

Our team employ various methods, including Open Source Intelligence in order to provide the raw data needed to get projects started.

We track movement of most assets and cryptocurrencies using advanced tools. Cryptocurrency sent is tracked discreetly.

Due-diligence and Background Reports for Individual and Corporate Entities. We offer comprehensive appraisals of assets, risk, historic data and liabilities.

We offer full end-to-end solutions for Asset Tracing and Recovery. If you may have recoverable assets, we can build a recovery plan tailored to fit your case.

For project execution, we use state of the art Advanced Cyber Tools, Software Solutions, Open Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT), and Financial Intelligence (FININT).

Retrocession fees, also known colloquially as “kickbacks” are paid to a wealth manager to encourage them to promote specific financial products or investment funds

We offer support to law firms and individuals involved in complex litigation. Including analysis of large data sets, data analysis and investigative services

Our Cyber Investigators are Certified and experienced with investigations spanning 6 continents.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized client service with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our services are offered to individuals, corporate entities.

Crypto Tracking & Recovery

With the aid of advanced technologies and bruteforce systems, we help you recover cryptocurrency lost to investment scams and wallet hacks / hijack. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.


Bank Transfer Reversal

Bank transfers made to scammers and scam associates can be traced and recovered with our banking system tracking tools. Clients have nothing to worry about as it is easier than crypto recovery.

Cheating Partner Monitoring

The fear of the unknown makes relationships and marriages crumble. We provide you access to your partner’s devices to reveal any missing puzzle. And to help with physical monitoring of a cheating spouse globally through live gps tracking.


Romance Scam Refund

Never send money to online lovers with various stories. They end up being fake. We can help you get a refund of all money sent to a romance scammer claiming to be a military officer, engineer, investor, trader and many more. Pig slaughter scam is rampant. Beware of many others.

Social Media Penetration

In case you lose access to your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, we can restore your privileges and reset your password for new access. You can trust us to handle this with care while offering a discreet service.


Email Password Retrieval

Retrieving your lost passwords can be done easily with our advanced password recovery tools for your email accounts from service providers like Gmail, Yahoomail, Yandex and more

Database Record Clearing

Sometimes, we have done things we are not proud of that remains on internet, malicious scandals, failed to meet cut off mark for an application, examination, mortgage approval. We can facilitate changing database records globally without notice of any adjustment.


Reasons to choose us

We simply provide the best professional services.


Expeditious Investigation

Our services are done with speed and efficiency. Extensive investigations are carried out for all projects.


Dependable Resource

Very trustworthy and reliable with investigation and project delivery.


24/7 Availablity

Ready to take up cases twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Wide Service Range

Our team is dedicated to offer wide range of ethical hacking services, and with good track records.


Assured Results

There are many websites which promise to deliver guaranteed results but a few of them really does.


Timely Schedule

We have well trained experts with 24/7 online connectivity. Project reports and delivery are fast.


Qualified Expert

Founded by Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery and Offshore Legal Experts.


Workmanship Quality

Collectively working to ensure fast and efficient results. We have team spirit and job diversification.


Discrete Services

All services offered are tunnelled through end-to-end encryption with a Nondisclosure of client project.

"My family's assets have increased exponentially!"

The financial structure and investment opportunities provided by Legal247recovery has been an helpful resource for my family, as we have been able to manage our assets better, and further increase our investment portfolio by over 40%. This happened after they successfully recovered over $2 million dollars lost in a Forex scam platform.

Jonathan Smit

Payment Methods

Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery

Recover Money From Scam Firms

Are you ready to get started? Tell our support team directly about your money recovery. Never let a scam firm go on the loose so they won’t be able to hurt others. Recover money from scam firms and individuals using our professional methods and strategies best known to our team. Hire immediately.

Report A Scam

Legal247recovery Incorporation is an Assets and Crypto recovery Intelligence, an Asset Management Consultancy and Finance recovery company with PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS on board 24/7.



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Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery
Project crypto payment method to Legal247recovery

You are required to make all transactions / project payment using Bitcoin or Monero, and any provider option by the team handling your project only. All transactions carried out on the blockchain are safe and secure.

You are not allowed to contract the same project to another firm/individual while you have hired us.

You are not allowed to share/give your details to anyone. You are allowed to report to us on every issue. No third-parties allowed, neither do we share your project and personal data with third-party.

Your privileges can be taken from you if you decide to become unruly or unnecessarily uncooperative. We are always busy with various projects and we require your full cooperation before and during the course of your project. Therefore, we do not tolerate indecisiveness, slow responses without tangible reasons or comparison data statistics without actually hiring us.

You can be deactivated without prior notice from our service if we believe you are a threat to the company.

You are required to make payment for service before your project commences after the test phase.

This website is owned and operated by Legal247recovery. Contact support for inquiries and case evaluation.